Friday, August 12, 2011

Abstract Art, Auras and Energy

So I got to thinking about how energy, my energy in particular, is tied into what's happening in the immediate environment.  I noticed earlier that my energy, my auric energy, seems to be very tied to nature. The trees dropping their leaves in order to preserve their energy and then re-directing their energy into the root system seems to be so symbolic of what's happening to me right now.

It seems that with energy healing, there are things, emotions, thoughts, and identities that start to shed and drop an alter a false a low vibing flawed human with fear and judgment running the show.  I don't really believe that I'll ever reach the status of unflawed human, but I think my goal will be to become a higher vibing less flawed human! How would I say that though if I were to sit down and make out a specific intention?

Speaking of specific intentions, I wonder how important those are?  When we put our intentions down into words, doesn't that mean that we're trying to take control, and ultimately, isn't releasing control the end goal? I mean, I know that what we think is what we are, but what if the goal was to transcend literal thought and enter the realm of pure high vibing energy with the freedom of accepting what is and flowing with the twists and turns, the ups and a graceful dance. Like a willow tree blowing in the wind.  If I were I tree, I'd want to be a willow tree..bending and flowing, twirling and curling, long hair, like a goddess.  Willow trees are the yoga goddesses of the tree world. lol

I noticed that I haven't done any energy art digital paintings lately, and I think maybe it's because I got into being too specific with the intention...too literal, too controlling with not enough pure flow, not enough interpretive abstract.  I enjoy it when it's more free-flowing and less pressured to perform the intention. I mean, what do I know? For all I know, the intentions I set might be totally off, timing wise.  Something else might need to happen first that I don't even know about. I think the intention needs to be more open, less controlling and energetically higher and finer, more like something that's completely beyond the five senses,  more like light and movement, a higher vibe.  Then, when the imagery is finished, it'll be subject to individual interpretation based on what the viewer needs in order to acheive a higher vibration.

I think it comes down to this: "My intention is to be a a clear and open energetically artistic channel for light, love, and healing for the highest good of all. "  Then step back and let it happen, let it flow.

Maybe I'll do one right now and see what happens.....

3 hours later:

Hehee, fun! .  My first impressions are of an abstract aura, chakras and the meridians.  The aura is the energy field that surrounds us and connects us to our surroundings and the Source,  the chakras are the vortexes of energy that pull in the energy that the aura has collected, and the meridians spread that energy around the body through a weblike network. The moon and the sun are both present in this one. I would say that we need to be aware that we are significantly influenced by the activities of both the sun and the moon.  Strong gravitational pull, solar flares, coronal masses, magnetic fluctuations, all of these things can affect our brain chemistry and the physical aspects of the human body.  What to do about it? I would say that being aware of these things is the first step, then make a concentrated effort to allow those energies to flow through us, transmuting into an energy that balances and raises the vibe.  Make ourselves into a light source that emanates in every direction, reaching around the planet, even around the universe, and see light streaming in through our aura and crown, magnifying, then spreading out through a web that connects everything and everyone. We transmute the negative and turn it into the positive. We take it in but we don't own it, we infuse it with the light and the love that comes from the Source and pass it on through.

So I can talk the talk but now I'll have to see if I can walk the walk.

Wow, that's some deep sh*



Tuesday, August 9, 2011


"Fire Angel" by Primal Painter

It rained!!!!  And the temperature is 68 degrees!!!!!  Wow, what a difference that makes in the energy around here.  For the last three weeks, we've had temperatures above 100 degrees with about a week of temperatures above 108.  That's craziness!  Two days we hit 114!! Combined with no rain since mid June, it's been a brutal time for the environment around here.

Several of my oak trees are completely dead at the tops, and the leaves are dropping like it's winter.  I have to wonder if my own energy levels and moods are tied into the energy levels of the trees.  I sit outside on the balcony and survey the scene, and for weeks now have felt so withdrawn and forlorn, like I'm running on empty.  I imagine that's how the trees feel which makes me think that maybe my empath abilities aren't limited to people.  

A couple of days ago, I was sitting on the balcony feeling melancholy and was thinking about auras and magnetisim and how those things might influence the immediate environment.  I thought that my aura must surely be stuck to my body, not expansive at all, with limited light and magnetism.  Right then, this huge beautiful yellow and black butterfly floated by very slowly, checking me out.  I thought it was going to land on me, but it just hovered around me for a second or two, then floated about five feet away.  Then it came back for a second pass, hovered around me for a couple of seconds then floated away.  

Maybe this was a sign that my aura and energy are still intact and active, but I've allowed my energy levels to reflect that of the trees?  If that's the case, the same challenges will exist with living among the trees as it does living among humans. A lesson to learn from the trees:  They probably don't get forlorn, they just accept what they can't change and adjust themselves to fit the circumstances. They drop their leaves to reserve energy and focus on strengthening their roots.  I need to strengthen my roots.

The last couple of weeks have been strange.  Computer issues out the ying yang! Frustration, time spent on the phone with nice people whose accents I can't understand, cell phone problems, air conditioner problems, airbrush problems, camera problems...Good Gawd!  Mercury in retrograde is a Bitch! 

The sun has been shooting off some significant solar flares lately which affects everything too, although I don't think many people realize that. They affect the earth's magnetic pull which can trigger volcanoes, earthquakes and extreme weather so you know they have an influence on us puny humans and our devices.

I decided to track down all my internet connections the other day to see what the problem was, went out to the phone box on the outside of the house, opened it, and right at face level is a wasp nest filled with angry wasps.  I froze, they froze, then they swarmed me and chased me all around the yard! I got stung four or five times, three times on my face which promptly led to a massive migraine. Man!!  In retrospect, it was probably funny seeing me screeching, flailing my arms, and running in circles, lol.  I swear, if I could make an exact duplicate wig of my frizz bomb hair and put it on the end of big stick, I could market it as the best wasp catcher ever!

The high point, though, was the package I got from Melinda at Inspiration Earth yesterday. I won her giveaway last week and got a bottle of organic sweet vanilla body scrub, a bottle of lavendar bath salts, and tinted grapefruit splash lip balm.  I instantly filled the bathtub and soaked.!!!!  I swear, Melinda, you could make a fortune selling this line to upscale spas and health food stores.  Beautifully packaged in glass bottles, and talk about superior products!   That sugar body scrub made my skin look 10 years younger, the bath salts eased the chronic migraine I've been having, and the lip balm has just the right amount of tint and makes my lips so soft.  I can't even say enough about how wonderful these products are!  As usual, everything that comes from Melinda is top notch!  Thank you, Melinda!

Well, I'm taking full advantage of this beautiful day and am getting out into the studio.  I've been doing some things in the studio, like the top photo. The frame doesn't really look that blotchy in person, but the camera is picking up on color variations that aren't visible to the naked eye...or maybe it's just my naked eyes. lol   I  also painted  several mats (just out of matboard) in different colors for the prints. I have two more color combos for the frames, but I'm changing direction.  Too boring! And all those listings I have to write up...gah!!! And the photos I  had to take for the listings...double gah!! And the editing I have to do for the photos....triple gah!!  #@*%)#@(*  How I wish all I had to do was paint and create!

I have a couple of new projects up my sleeve that should be fun.....for a minute! lol