Saturday, February 19, 2011

To Blog or Not To Blog

LOLOLOL, I know I'm probably twisted, but that picture is Hilarious!!!

Someone said to me yesterday, "So Laurie, are you making any money off your blog?"  I stammered, stuttered, shifted uncomfortably from from foot to foot, squirmed around a little, and  said "Ummmm, well, you know,".  So then he asks me "So have you sold anything on your Etsy site because of your blog?"  I look around the room checking for possible escape routes and contemplate trying the classic  "OMG, what's that!" and when he turns around to look, I'm gone.  But instead I said "Well, its...I dunno, you know how it is.....ya gotta start somewhere....I mean, well, no".

So then his girlfriend chimes in and says, "Ya know, people who read blogs like how-to's, maybe you should write some how-to's. that have to do with Etsy".  A very insightful idea, I must say, but one to which I replied "Good Gawd, it if weren't for Other People's How- To's, I'd still be staring at the computer wondering what the heck a blog is (among many, many other things).  She says "Well you should at least stick to Etsy subjects because the point is to sell stuff, right?"  I moan and groan, roll my eyes and gnash my teeth.  I mean, Etsy's great and everything, it's just that when I hear that word "should", I think of housework....(Me no likey the housework).

I've decided that I'll leave the how-to's to Other People That Know A Heck Of Alot More Than I
Do, and I'll just stick to my random, frivolous, impulsive, shoot- from- the hip style even if it doesn't make money or drive traffic. "Not everything has to be about traffic and money!" I announce loudly with some defiance verging on open rebellion.  FYI, if you want to clear a room, just use a loud defensive tone of voice , fling your arms a little and toss your hair, don't forget the tossing of the hair....verrrry important.

Now, what organ should I sell to pay my electric bill this month? lol



PS:  Oh before I forget, check out my Etsy Shop Primalpainter-Modern Abstract Art.  I'll have some new things soon.  I'm working on something today and it's not a "should" it's a "want to"......verrrrry important.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Extreme Skunkification

Patches in "The Giant Snowstorm of 2011"

Oh....My......Gawd!!!!!!!! Well this is a first! In all of my 50 years of dog ownership, I've never had to deal with the unbelievable stench of freshly sprayed skunk funk! We done been skunkified!  That's some funky skunkification....Patches took a ride on the funky skunkamotive.....We're headed for a funky skunkathon......Patches nickname is now Funky McSkunkerson.....or Skunky McFunkerson.......definitely NOT skunkelicious......more like grossly skunkiferous or perhaps skunkatrocious... Ok I'm done. (unless I can come up with some more.  lol)

Sadly, it's true. Patches, the sweetest blue heeler dog in the entire world, has been hit square in the face with some raging skunk funk that must register at least a ten on the funkometer. Of course, she had to come in the house for the night, and before we knew what had happened, she  promptly started rubbing herself on everything she could come in contact with.  There was alot of yelling and panic, running around and flailing of arms, that kind of thing.  Ah, the joys of the "full moon/extreme solar flares/magnetic field shifting" syndrome.

I had to combination herd/pull/push/drag her out onto the balcony getting skunk funk all over me as well. (The other two people in the room ran away. Seriously?!)  I'm afraid that smell is entombed inside my nose forever! I'm almost freaking out!!!!  Not really, but if this had happened yesterday, I'd totally be freaking out!!  At least the other four dogs didn't get hit by the skunkbomb, by some miracle. (yes, yes, that makes five dogs....but in my defense, one of them is my daughters's American Spitz Ellie that I'm babysitting for an  open ended vague amount of time, and another one is my roommate's black lab Penny).  It's a zoo on a good day. Did I mention the goats and the rabbits and the chickens and the cats? I didn't?  Oh well, forget I  said anything then.

Anyway.........tomorrow I'll have to tackle this smell, which seems to be a horrifying combination of burning rubber, overwhelming gag-worthy garlic, and regular roadkill skunk smell.  My trusty pal Google says hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dawn dish soap could remedy ths problemo.   I'm not convinced that anything will work on this skunkerendous odor.  Wow.    Trippin'. ....!!!!

Skunkifically Yours,


Third Chakra Issues

Well this was me yesterday, hence no blog post as I was too stressed out and thought it wouldn't be cool to inflict my angst on the masses...or maybe I should say my nine followers....ok, the one or two who might actually read these posts. lol. 

So what was the problem I ask myself.  Alot of it was issues being stirred up from working on my third chakra painting.  Some of it might have been full moon weirdness. Does anyone else have weird days when there's a full or almost full moon?. 

When I started on my third chakra painting, my intention was that my third chakra would be opened and cleared of all the crapola I undoubtedly have stored there. I laid down the first stage of the painting, and while waiting for it to dry, I became overcome with fear and insecurity. Now I'm talkin' that "tied up in knots, feeling sick to my stomach" kind of fear and insecurity.  Upon reviewing third chakra attributes, one of it's functions is protection from danger and self confidence, so it makes sense.

Now the question arises, these issues are there, what do I do with them? The finished painting will depict a damaged third chakra that is being opened and cleared with a healing white light.  If I was smart, I would have powered through and finished the painting,  healing the issues without the need to examine them.  But NOOoooo, I wuss out, give in to these very unpleasant emotions, stop what I'm doing and have to explore the issues that arise.   Most of them are old experiences and woundings that never got resolved. Good gawd, what have I gotten myself into... layer after layer after freakin' layer......  I got overwhelmed and allowed those emotions to become my wasn't pretty!

My technique is (1) acknowledge the emotion (2) try to find the specific incident that created the emotion (3) visualize myself in that situation (4) thank God for giving me that experience so I can learn from it and establish appropriate boundaries (5)  forgive myself and everyone involved and then (6) release it by moving the visualization and all of its emotions outside of my aura and  blow it up into a gajillion gnarly pieces.

When the painting is finished, I'll envision a golden sun at the top of my aura which calls back all those fragments, purifies them and lets them flow back into me as renewed and healthy energy.

My Big Lesson:  From now on when I do a chakra healing painting, my intention will be to open and clear the chakras without having to review and relive all the ugliness. I'll work on the painting while I'm feeling those emotions and allow them to clear out through my hands rather than through my brain. 

Sometimes I think the brain is a big pain in the literal and complicated, and it's always wanting to butt in and control everything.  It seems much more efficient to bypass the brain analysis and connect directly with healing and release, whether it's through reiki, other forms of energy work or through art.

 A big thank you to the Universe for opening my eyes......again!



Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Studio Day

I surrender............

This is how I feel about the internet today!  The weather is just too nice to be sitting in front of the computer so it's is a day for the studio!  I feel like working on my "Third Chakra"  wall sculpture today, something I've been thinking about  for about three weeks now.   It's about time I let it flow out through my hands instead of clogging things up in my solar plexus.  Yellows, golds, white rays, clearing, healing....oh yeah, it's time.

Before I go play, I wanted to show off this treasury by Etsy talent grahtoestudio entitled "Dreamscapes.....Feel Like This".   This shop is full of some really amazing items made from antlers...yes, I said antlers, so be sure and check it out!
Click on any picture to see the listing on Etsy.

'Dreamscapes..feel like this...' by grahtoestudio

Enjoy this collection of how dreams feel to me...

Sun Flare (Panoramic Collect...

3D Modern Abstract Painting ...

The Encounter, print by 88 o...

Blue Green Felt Geode

Copper Enamel Black Leather ...

Black and white swirls digit...

Paper Magnet - Turquoise, Te...

Button Ring - Black and Whit...

Bamboo Shadows Original Wate...

Jade Snow Wong Turquoise Ena...

SALE - Dragon Veins - Fire A...

Night-light that throws a Fa...

Marine Green Brass Octopus

Dream 5x7 Black and White

Blessings Flower Original Ar...

Dreams of Cutio


My wall sculpture entitle "Renewal" is one of the featured items in this treasury, and I'm pleased that something I made is in a treasury about dreamscapes...that's right up my alley!  Click on the picture to see more photos and information.

Be sure and check out my Etsy Shop: Primalpainter Modern Abstract Art.  I hope to be adding something new soon!



Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine's Day Funny

Awww,  love is a beautiful thing...

Well today I'm off to enjoy a beautiful sunshiney day in the "big city".  Despite the fact that I rarely leave my beautiful 3 1/2 acres,  I still  dread the traffic lights and all the gajillions of people and cars.  But, it is Valentine's Day, so in lieu of gifts, my boyfriend and I are going to see a movie and out to eat.  Maybe my 20 year old daughter will come and I can kill two birds with one stone.  Gee, I'm quite the romantic, aren't I?!  lol.   Can you believe that I'm 50 and still use the word  "boy" friend?   Manfriend sounds even weirder.... husband....NOT (shudder! been there, done that), how about mate?  or Lover.....My Luvahhhh.... ewww, I think I'll just stick with boyfriend.

Today is a good day for a bright red treasury.  This one was curated by none other than Etsy extraordinaire Fleeting Stillness.  She makes some really beautiful glass items, be sure to check her out.

'I gave you my HEART - is that NOT ENOUGH?' by FleetingStillness


My heart is yours 8x12 print

The Moxie - Customizable - L...

NzLbags Handmade - Handbag -...

Fetled hearts for Valentines...

Minimalist pendant necklace ...

Modern Abstract Art Painting...

Nuno felt scarf ruffle Re...

duo rack accessories red lov...

Rubber Stamp with HandMade s...

Newsboy Hat - Cap with Brim...

Print of original collage 10...

Vintage bracelet made with c...

Vintage Dark Red Bakelite Ad...

Squares of Fossilized Coral ...

Deer (Felted Love Spell Soap...

Rustic Wonder Perfect for yo...


I'm honored that Fleeting Stillness chose to include my wall sculpture entitled "Breaking Free" in her lovely Valentine's Day Treasury.  To see this wall sculpture and other groovy abstract art, check out my Etsy shop Primalpainter:  Modern Abstract Art.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Morning Laugh

I woke up this morning feeling you saaayy ........bitchy.  I'm thinking it's the "whore-moans".  In desperate times such as this, a funny picture to giggle at is some really decent medicine.

LOLOLOL.....the look on both of their faces  is priceless!  It reminds me of the time years ago, when my "then" boyfriend and I went to a drive-through zoo in Branson, Missouri.  I was in the passenger seat, we had the windows rolled down and there was a big bag of zoo treats between the seats.  Ahead were two camels (camels are really strange looking creatures aren't they.....I mean, that hump?! How weird is  One of the camels came towards the car and the other one took off behind the trees. We stopped to feed the one camel, who was politely waiting at the car window.  While we were immersed in picture taking, the other camel snuck up to the passenger window, stuck his head all the way in the car, smashed me against the seat covering me with funky camel smell, grabbed the bag of treats and then both camels hauled ass across the field.  LOL  Diabolical! 
I had to post a few pictures today of my latest gimp experiences.  This first picture is the original photo that I began with, a closeup of my wall sculpture entitled "Flashback".  Following that is the evolution that took place in order to get to the final, most kick-ass image I've made so far, in my opinion...

Ooooo, such groovy colors...

A Heart!  That's a sign......


Oh......My......Gosh!!!!!  Freakin' kick ASS!!

I'd so totally hang that on my wall!  I did manage to pull a print from it on my crappy printer.  It was an 8 x 10 print on glossy photo paper and turned out really beautiful! Much to my surprise, the colors from the print match those on my monitor, so I think my monitor is fairly well less thing to worry about.

I'm going to take the print I made and incorporate it into a three dimensional wall sculpture.   Today it's supposed to be in the 60's (can't wait!) so it's studio time for me!  It's supposed to be sunny and in the 60's all next week, so if I disappear, that's where I'm or soaking up some rays.