Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chakra Art and Diagnosis

This is my latest orb interpretation...worlds within worlds. I'm lovin' on those colors. I made this one into a necklace, too which looks awesome:

Well, the world is a freakin' mirror,.a MIRROR I tell ya!  Good Gawd, if only what I was seeing was purr-dy.   But nooooo, what's getting reflected back at me is fugly as all get-out!!!!  To be fair,  I can balance that with the times that what gets reflected is all good.  That happens alot, I'm just being a drama queen, Miss Tied Up in Knots with a bad case of whoremoans..

It's just so much easier to feel self-righteous rage at the other person's shortcomings.  But I tell you what, that feeling of explosive rage sucks the big wang. (To self:  that sounds kind of vulgar when I see it in writing, haha, oops)

 The Universe is providing me with  mirrors so that I might recognize that the issues that drive me insane in someone else are a reflection of issues that exist in me.. I have to say, that sucks.....

These mirrors are showing me that I still have some unresolved anger and resentment at a variety of experiences.   I think 2012 is a time for releasing all that old crapola, learning the lessons from our experiences, getting to the root and yanking that baby out once and for all.

Easier said than done, as usual.  I mean, the root could go back to last week, childhood, the womb, or a previous life, who knows.  It might be like one of those tap roots on passion flower vines that go so deep and all over the place that you'll never get it out unless you excavate the whole area.  Wow, that would be a real drag...

It seems to me that creating energy art for the past eight months, has triggered some much needed healing and balancing within me, but now I need to get out of all that upper chakra blues and purples I've been indulging in  and get back into the lower chakras, the reds, oranges, and yellows. (Wailing) Ick, I don't wannaaaaa................... But I suppose it's for the best, so here goes, a depiction of the problem I'm having.

So apparently I'm having heart chakra issues as indicated by all the green.  But why?  The red around the perimeter of the orb looks like a barrier between the light of an open chakra and the flowing movement around it. First chakra - feelings of survival, feelings of being safe. Heart chakra   - giving and receiving love......that would make sense.  I don't feel safe in a certain situation, trust has been compromised and it's blocking the flow of the heart chakra.   Fortunately there's an angel to help out and lead the way to understanding and healing. Enough dilly dallying, Angel, let's get a move on.... What? What's that?  I have to do some introspection?  Some lesson learning?  Some (shudder) forgiveness? And the dreaded, "letting go of the need to control"? Crap.....

I embedded the reiki symbol choku-rei in this image to amp up the healing energy, and I also wrote the words love, heal, forgive, and guide inside the orb as well. They're hidden in the image pretty well. A person would have to look really close to find them, but I actually like that idea.  I think it might connect the viewer to the energy of the image on a deeper, more energetic level. (I love my fancy new tablet and pen, by the way..hehee)

Well, I'm off to ponder and introspect, ugh. Wouldn't it be nice to just float around in the blues and purples forevah and pretend like those lower chakras don't matter? That would be awesome!

Until the next episode of Miss Tied Up in Knots, have a good one.