Monday, September 5, 2011

Chakra Girl Energy Art

So I was thinking, "What is the definition of my art, what is the purpose, what am I trying to accomplish here?  Is my art in in the category of energy art? (yes) Is it in the category of visionary art? (yes) Is it in the category of spiritual art? (yes)  Is it in the category of healing art? (yes)  Is it in the category of chakra art? (yes)  Is it in the category of reiki art? (yes)"  That's too many frickin' categories...

"Chakra Girl" is the first in a series of wall sculptures where I'm attempting to translate energy into a three dimensional form.  She's sold already, within about 12 hours of listing on Etsy (yay, thank you Myra!), and she generated some buzz in terms of views and hearts.  A good sign!  All of sudden, my head is once again in the clouds (did it ever leave?) with visions of bigger and more ambitious projects.

The purpose of "Chakra Girl" is to open and stretch the chakras.  When writing the description, it occurred to me that it might be good  to more clearly define not just a purpose, but a category for the kind of art I'm creating.  

Some definitions:

Visionary Art:   "Visionary art encourages the development of our inner sight.  To find the visionary realm, we use the intuitive inner eye:  The eye of contemplation; the eye of the soul". - John Grey 

Energy Art:  Energy art  is the process of creating art that intuitively taps into the energy of an intention, a thought, an idea or an emotion and translates it into a visual form with healing properties.  I wrote that definition, but  there are other definitions such as this one, by Dr. Sylvia Hartmann:

Energy art is any form of art that takes the reality of there being other dimensions than just those we can see, hear, feel and touch, smell and taste into consideration.
The purpose of a work of energy art is to create something which has not just a physical reality but also an energetic reality, and that actually does something at the energy levels.

Chakra Art and Reiki Art also describe what I'm doing but they seem to be more sub-categories than the main category.

Visionary art sounds kind of arrogant in a way.  Come to think of it, Healing Art also sounds arrogant.  It implies that I'm a healer and I'm not. I'm just the delivery guy, the tool.  Energy Art is the most applicable, but maybe that's because I wrote the description. lol   It's not exactly something that a person might think to search for, though.

Anybody have any thoughts on how a person might categorize my art?  I've confused myself (not hard to do these days!)

I'll think about it another day.....

Well, Happy Labor Day! (Labor Day, what a strange unholiday sounding phrase....labor day......It should be Unlabor Day)  Oh no, my brain just short circuited.......Words.....Gah!  Colors......Wheeee!