Monday, November 14, 2011

11-11-11 Experience

"Alignment" by Primal Painter

Wow....what a strange weekend this has been.  Friday was 11-11-11, that was the culprit! According to the website, Arkansas was the site for a big crystal activation with Eureka Springs (my town) being at the north apex of a triangular vortex that covers about 150 square miles or so.    Whether or not all this true, I don't know, but I like knowing about things like this, just in case!

What I knew for sure, though, is that the energy of the collective consciousness would be very high on this date if for no other reason than the sheer numbers of people focusing on an energetic activation and setting intentions for a higher purpose.  That alone was worth acknowledging  and participating in.

So I went to Magnetic Spring (a power place with noticeably high vibes) here in Eureka at 11:11 a.m. on 11-11-11 to do a little meditating, to release some old crapola and to set my intentions for a higher vibe of being.  There were about 10 other people doing the same thing.  Eureka is a big drumming town, so someone started to bang a drum and chant, but fortunately stopped after a minute or so because it very obviously was not resonating with the high, fine energy buzz..

I found a nice spot in the sun, had a bag of recently found crystals between my legs (at the root chakra) and experienced about 30 minutes of major goosebumps and emotional surges.  It was exciting! I set my intention to release all the old emotions and experiences that no longer serve a higher purpose.  Anger, fear, resentment........all that stuff.  Then I set my intention that my life purpose would be crystalline clear and that everything I think, say and do would be for the highest good of all.

I don't know what other people felt, but afterwards, there was no "TA DA!!!  I"m healed!!!!" moment.  I felt strangely disconnected for the rest of the day.  Super tired and just kind of blank.  On Saturday, I woke up pissed. All these old scenarios of anger and resentment kept running through my head like never-ending reruns and I was feeling it all.  (Poor Jamie, my Needless to say, it sucked and I was a first class bee-yotch!!!

Finally, I decided to make some energy art with the intention of releasing all this crapola.  This is what I came up with, and thankfully, it worked.  (I still have to work on it some).  By 4:00 or so, I was feeling somewhat normal again.

On Sunday, I woke up tied up in knots with some kind of generalized anxiety.  Nothing specific, but just a  fear-based, strange  "I'm skeeered" feeling  This also sucked!  What the.....?!! Where's my "TA DA" moment?  So I made another energy art image for releasing fear and anxiety.  This is what I came up with.....

I thought it was interesting that this image is full of bubbles, because that's what this whole weekend felt like....bubbles of stuff bursting through the surface.  All upper chakra colors, though, which I thought was unusual.  It seems like it would have been lower chakra colors. Strangely, after I made this, I felt some relief from the fear and anxiety, but I started feeling pissed again, with a whole new set of memories!  Crap!!!  Layers upon layers upon layers of shizola stored up for God knows how long.....lifetimes, maybe.

I don't know what I think I'm doing dragging all this crap around with me for all these lifetimes. (In a  snarky voice) "Oh, I have to pack my bags with this sh*tty experience and this crappy emotion that nobody even remembers except me and drag them around forevah....."  Stupid!!!!!

Today I feel better, but still no "TA DA" moment, but it's still early.  Maybe it takes a while to integrate and kick in.  My hands have been feeling really hot, they're usually cold, so maybe that's an indication. By the way, my daughter and I went crystal hunting  a week or so ago, found a bunch of beautiful little crystals, and now they feel really strong , very buzzy.  But that's another story.....a Celestine Prophecy kind of story!  I plan on using some of these crystals in some future wall sculptures.

Anyway, just thought I'd share my strange experiences.  Anybody else feel weird stuff this weekend or is it just me?

Have a good one!