How I Make Energy Art

How I Create Energy Art

Fairly frequently, I have someone ask me how I create energy art.  Then I stumble around and mumble something about energy and say repeatedly, "It's kinda hard to explain". What!?  Oh...ok, lol  So I thought I'd try to explain it, then when someone asks and I start sounding like I've  lost my ability to access the English language, I can refer them to this post. (assuming I can remember that I even have a blog!)

First, I go through my photos, anything from flowers to photos of my wall sculptures, even photos of my reiki jewelry.  I don't have anything specific in mind, no goals other than to connect with the light-filled energy of the Source and allow that to guide my choices and my hands. I do set my intention that reiki healing energy will be infused into the image.  I'll respond to a photo that has appealing colors, interesting patterns and gives me a little tingle.  I have to be "still" on the inside to recognize that tingle. Jamie (the bf) chattering away in the background does NOT help me be still, although I've gotten really good at tuning him out! A useful skill, in my loud dog-filled, Jamie-filled environment.

An iris photo, cropped 

Once I've chosen a photo, I open it up in Gimp, a free photo editing program.  Without thinking about what I'm doing, I use only my eyes and my hands and start to manipulate it.  I'll warp it, invert it, crop it, spin it, shrink it, grow it, apply all kinds of cool filters like fractals, play with the colors....  I can't even remember the names of the filters I use, which tells you how turned off my left brain is from the process.  It's an ingrained thing, kind of like how it is when you type really fast without having to read and think about the words. I don't really think any thoughts during the process, just kind of empty-headed (no cracks!).

 Don't quite remember how I got here!                                

At some point, my eyes make a switch from responding to overall composition and color, to "seeing" angels or figures in the patterns.  I assume it's a third eye, intuitive kind of seeing, which might explain why so many of my images are purple, the color of the sixth chakra.  They want me to see them, they want me to coax them out, I can feel a different kind of energy start to flow. This energy feels like a very fine, fast vibration or tingle that has an excitement to it, an anticipation.  It feels to me like it's centered at the top of my head and even above it.   I'll zero in on those areas where I "see", for example, an angel, and start to play with that area.  Again I'll go with warping, smudging,  airbrushing, swirling, pulling the image into whatever shape it wants to be.

Not quite sure how I got here either...                                              

At this point, I start to get flashes of insight about the purpose for this image.  I try not to impose my own thinking into the interpretation, but instead, allow it to manifest on its own in a somewhat abstract, quick-flash kind of way that doesn't include words but rather feelings.  I trust that the purpose is not only for my own highest good, but for the highest good for all viewers and the planet. When I write the description for an image, I try to translate what I've "felt" about the purpose into an interpretation.  Sometimes, when I'm lucky, even writing the interpretation seems to flow with very little effort on my part. Other times,  not so much.

oooo, pretty!  but not finished yet....

I've noticed that people respond to these images and the necklaces according to what they might need at that moment in time. I like that, I  believe that the light and healing energy imprinted into the images are very fluid and adaptable to individual circumstances and intentions.

So who are these angels? Do they have names? Could I connect with any one specific angel, say Archangel Michael, and channel that specific energy? Hmm, good questions. I'm not altogether sure that I'm ready to control the process to the extent of connecting with specific light beings and angels, the timing isn't right .  Maybe at some point in time I'll try it, but for now I like just letting it flow the way it wants to with minimal interference on my part.

As far as naming the angels, I believe there are an infinite number of angels and light beings working on our behalf.  They don't require names, or any ego driven recognition.   They're just happy to help, and I'm happy I can pass that energy along.

I know a couple of religious people who are uncomfortable with what I do.   I've tried to explain  that the energy I'm connecting with is from the Source, or God, and is all about love and healing, but I guess a fear of the unknown, and suspicion about evil spirits  is too ingrained  One older lady told me that since I'm not a Christian, then what I'm doing was coming from the devil.  What???? No!!  So live and let live, but it's strange to me that some of the most religious people are some of the most fearful and judgmental.   It seems like they would be the most compassionate and tolerant, and some really are, but some aren't. That could be said about everyone I suppose.

I was raised a Christian, but since I've been an adult, I don't align myself with any one religion. All the religions are ok by me, and they all share a common belief, the belief in a Higher Power. So I've just decided to bypass the man-made religious dogma associated with religion and go straight to the Source, the unifying factor that connects us all to each other without separatism.

With Love and Light,