Friday, August 26, 2011

"Tree Spirit" and Thoughts on Duality

"Tree Spirit" by Primal Painter

So I was thinking (oh no, not that again) about that short-lived phase I went through about two weeks ago where I seemed to be tapping into the energy of the trees.  The post I made during that phase was a little "out there", I have to admit.....but the energy was interesting......and pure......and flowing....full of swirls and shapes and colors and light....totally non-verbal or mental.....and at a very high vibe.  I liked it.  It was very far removed from human energy, though.  

 I crashed and burned after holding that vibe for only a short time.  Blew a fuse! Short circuited! Then I came tumbling, tumbling, tumbling down and landed flat on my back looking around going "What the....?!"   Apparently I'm not to a point where I can sustain that pure of a vibe.  Bummer maaann!!

Those trees, I tell ya, they got it goin' on!   No worries, no words, no thoughts....just being......the essence of the "I am". 

I made this energy art print "Tree Spirit" during that phase.  It was created from a photo of trees on my property, and I warped and twisted and morphed and pulled out a tree spirit.  She's pretty, isn't she.  I'm very drawn to this image.  Her face has a hard line through the center of it, with light green on one side and dark green on the other.  I take that to mean there's an element of duality in there somewhere.  Probably because I, a human, have that duality, that element of light and dark, and I've projected that quality into the image.  

Maybe there's nothing wrong with having that level of duality, maybe it's just the human condition, or maybe it runs through everything even trees.   I doubt that, though.  The energy of the trees felt very simple, pure,  and unconfusing for the short amount of time I was able to hold it.

I think duality is part of being human though.  There's the dark side and there's the light side.  For some people, the dark side might only entail a little self-indulgence in say, Dove Dark Chocolate, even though it triggers migraines.  Or maybe the dark side is more emotional and when, say, someone in our life behaves badly, we get caught up in their drama and have mean thoughts about them.  What a crock!  Who am I? Judge and Jury?  Since when?  Since alwaayyss!  Geeze.  Trees don't do that!  A lesson to learn.....

Part of it has to do with holding onto things....(I think).  The tendency to take an old experience and the emotions it generated, and projecting  them onto a new experience even though they don't really fit....(but I'll make it fit, by Gawd!  It's all about me, me, MEEEEE).

Then I ran across this daily channeled message by Dyan Garris that seemed to sum things up nicely.  I don't know who this Dyan Garris chick is, but she comes up with some relevant sh*t!

Daily Channeled Message® by Dyan Garris

Today's energy asks that we examine the concept of narcissism. Is there something that makes you think someone is thinking about you 30 years later? Is there something that makes you think that whatever is happening is all about you? Or perhaps it is that you know someone like this. When we are self focused like this, we find that we have trouble getting rid of old patterns, stuck energy that gets stuck not in the craw, as one may think, but in the root. And the root is where we create. The root feeds the plant. If we can't get over the past, then we effectively block our ability to bring in any new energy whatsoever. If you're still pouring weed killer - or even water - on a plant that is long since dead, it may not even occur to you to stop doing that and spend the twenty five cents for a new bag of seeds. 

Dang, girl, that's good!  I'll have too look her up and insert a link somewhere.

Ok, that's enough blah blah blah for today.  

(What's with the weirdness of the font and the highlighted stuff?)  Mercury Retrograde still in action, no doubt.  Eh, whatev.....