Friday, August 12, 2011

Abstract Art, Auras and Energy

So I got to thinking about how energy, my energy in particular, is tied into what's happening in the immediate environment.  I noticed earlier that my energy, my auric energy, seems to be very tied to nature. The trees dropping their leaves in order to preserve their energy and then re-directing their energy into the root system seems to be so symbolic of what's happening to me right now.

It seems that with energy healing, there are things, emotions, thoughts, and identities that start to shed and drop an alter a false a low vibing flawed human with fear and judgment running the show.  I don't really believe that I'll ever reach the status of unflawed human, but I think my goal will be to become a higher vibing less flawed human! How would I say that though if I were to sit down and make out a specific intention?

Speaking of specific intentions, I wonder how important those are?  When we put our intentions down into words, doesn't that mean that we're trying to take control, and ultimately, isn't releasing control the end goal? I mean, I know that what we think is what we are, but what if the goal was to transcend literal thought and enter the realm of pure high vibing energy with the freedom of accepting what is and flowing with the twists and turns, the ups and a graceful dance. Like a willow tree blowing in the wind.  If I were I tree, I'd want to be a willow tree..bending and flowing, twirling and curling, long hair, like a goddess.  Willow trees are the yoga goddesses of the tree world. lol

I noticed that I haven't done any energy art digital paintings lately, and I think maybe it's because I got into being too specific with the intention...too literal, too controlling with not enough pure flow, not enough interpretive abstract.  I enjoy it when it's more free-flowing and less pressured to perform the intention. I mean, what do I know? For all I know, the intentions I set might be totally off, timing wise.  Something else might need to happen first that I don't even know about. I think the intention needs to be more open, less controlling and energetically higher and finer, more like something that's completely beyond the five senses,  more like light and movement, a higher vibe.  Then, when the imagery is finished, it'll be subject to individual interpretation based on what the viewer needs in order to acheive a higher vibration.

I think it comes down to this: "My intention is to be a a clear and open energetically artistic channel for light, love, and healing for the highest good of all. "  Then step back and let it happen, let it flow.

Maybe I'll do one right now and see what happens.....

3 hours later:

Hehee, fun! .  My first impressions are of an abstract aura, chakras and the meridians.  The aura is the energy field that surrounds us and connects us to our surroundings and the Source,  the chakras are the vortexes of energy that pull in the energy that the aura has collected, and the meridians spread that energy around the body through a weblike network. The moon and the sun are both present in this one. I would say that we need to be aware that we are significantly influenced by the activities of both the sun and the moon.  Strong gravitational pull, solar flares, coronal masses, magnetic fluctuations, all of these things can affect our brain chemistry and the physical aspects of the human body.  What to do about it? I would say that being aware of these things is the first step, then make a concentrated effort to allow those energies to flow through us, transmuting into an energy that balances and raises the vibe.  Make ourselves into a light source that emanates in every direction, reaching around the planet, even around the universe, and see light streaming in through our aura and crown, magnifying, then spreading out through a web that connects everything and everyone. We transmute the negative and turn it into the positive. We take it in but we don't own it, we infuse it with the light and the love that comes from the Source and pass it on through.

So I can talk the talk but now I'll have to see if I can walk the walk.

Wow, that's some deep sh*




  1. Haha, that IS some deep thinking, Laurie! :) First, let me start with the lighter stuff, like: I totally agree. Willow trees are awesome. ;)

    As for the rest... I'm really not sure what to say, since you seem to be thinking deeper than I am at this point! However, it definitely sounds like you're figuring stuff out for yourself, and that's a very good thing. :) And I love what you created three hours later! The design is fantastic. :)

    Keep up the deep thinking! Hugs!

  2. That was deep. I thought the web was similiar to a tree - which you talked about earlier in the post.
    This is all very interesting to me. Still learning from your posts.

  3. Tay, haha, I just re-read this post and thought whoa, I was really floating waayy out there. lol Maybe I need to work on those grounding cords before I float away. Still, though, I kind of know what I meant, but it's hard to explain. Shapes, light, patterns, there's something out there....Oh no, reel me back in!!!

    Charm, I see the tree in this image, too...and water...and waves...the network that connects everything together. The laws of nature are so beautiful in their perfection. It makes me think of that movie Avatar where the Na'vi are consciously connected energetically to nature and have a very simple and balanced life. Have you seen that movie? It's awesome!

  4. Maybe just a little bit out there, Laurie... ;) Not that that's a bad thing! I'm just not as far out as you right now. LOL ;)

    Oh, and yes. "Avatar" is AWESOME! We actually just rewatched it! It was so long we split it into two nights and finished it last night. :) It's so fantastic! :D

  5. Hi Laurie, and yes very deep! But great. I have come back from holidays with a sense of 'change'. A real need to get into the garden ,pull weeds and just float for a while. Not so much to 'find myself' but to find space to allow the 'powers that be', do what needs to be done so I can move on. (now that's floaty!)x Julie

  6. I am digging it!!!! wow keep up the good work Ltown!!! xox