What is Reiki

I received my Reiki II degree from the Ajna Institute for Reiki from Reiki Master Suzanne Parnell back in 2004.  Suzanne is high up in the hierarchy having received her master's degree from John Gray who was trained by Hawayo Takata who was trained by the founder himself, Dr. Usui.  I've been involved in a variety of energy work ever since, but it's only been recently that I've started to incorporate healing energy into my artwork in a focused and intentional way. 

Reiki is a Japanese technique of energy healing that can be either hands on or at a distance. "Rei" stands for the Universal Life Force and "ki" is an individual's life force.  Reiki joins the two together to return the ailing body to energetic balance and harmony which allows the body and mind to rejuvenate and heal. It is used for relaxation, physical and emotional healing, and overall well being.

The sender (me) connects energetically with the Source (no religious affiliations are required) and acts as a conduit to channel healing light, love, and energy to the receiver.  I visualize a light filled cord or channel from  the Source which comes in through my crown chakra, out through my hands and eyes, and into the recipient. Distance holds no boundaries for energy healing.  

The receiver has free will to use the energy in the best way possible for him/her.  As a practitioner, I never use my own energy or try to influence the outcome in any way.   One of my biggest challenges has been to step aside and not take responsibility for the outcomes.  Did reiki help? If so, it wasn't my doing.  Did the condition or disease remain? If so, that wasn't my doing either.   After all this time, I still have to remind myself that I'm not responsible for the outcomes concerning another person.  Ego must be put aside.  

There are special attunement symbols used for reiki  practitioners which amplify the ability to channel energy, however, I believe that anyone can channel energy at any time through the power of intention, love, and compassion.  

I don't claim to be a healer, I merely act as the delivery person to give a little booster shot of healing energy to the willing participant.  As a Reiki II practitioner, I can channel energy at a distance and can also charge objects and places with healing energy.  This is what I've done with my new line of healing energy art and reiki pendants.  I set my intention "Every aspect of this artwork is infused with  healing energy, light and love and may be used as a tool for transformation and healing, for the highest good of all."

The person who is sensitive to energy will be able to feel it in the form of relaxation, tingly vibrations, changes in pain levels or locations, and/or an overall enhancement of well being.  When I channel energy, I can feel it running through me like a stream and when the receiver is pulling extra hard, my teeth buzz.  Weird, I know!   

I knew long ago that I was an empath, I can feel what other people feel emotionally, and this frequently extends to physically as well.  This is called clairsentience.   If I set my intention that for the next 15 minutes, I will feel in my own body what the person I'm connecting to is feeling, I might feel their ache,  pain or emotion.   I'm no diagnostic, though, all I can do is zero in on that particular place and channel energy.   I don't seem to be clairvoyant,  meaning I don't really get visual insights.

The receiver doesn't need to be aware of when the reiki energy is sent, it will work regardless.  However, I find that it's possibly more beneficial if the receiver and I synchronize our time so that he/she will be aware of any sensations, thoughts, and feelings that might arise. 

I'm available to do reiki sessions, I charge $25 for a full hour, and then we can compare notes afterwards.
What I will need from you, if you choose a healing session, is your full name and location (city, state).  This is necessary for me to make a connection with you at a distance.

What you can expect from a session varies from person to person.  One consistency is a deep sense of relaxation, some people even  fall asleep.  I would encourage you to focus and visualize healing light entering into your aura and body, and deeply penetrating any problem areas.  This can also include emotional worries and distress.

Pay attention to any sensations you might have such as hot or cold spots, a feeling of tingling or vibration,  or changes in pain levels or locations of pain.  A temporary increase in pain or feeling the pain move to another location is actually a good sign as sometimes things flare up and/or move to the point of origination as they're healing.   Also, pay attention to any thoughts and images that come into your mind.  Many times these thoughts and images are important insights into finding solutions for issues you may have.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to be in touch through  laurie-hamilton@sbcglobal.net   My greatest desire is to assist in the healing of the people of this planet, and of the planet itself. 



  1. Hi. Rena. I'm commenting to achieve fastest reply possible. A few people I know are wondering...

    What are your thoughts about Color Psychology?

  2. Hi Rena, That's an interesting question. I totally believe in the effects that color has on our energy levels, emotional well-being, and physical health.

    Color is a form of energy that is visually triggered. The more energy work I do, the more I believe that we take in and emit energy not just through our chakras, but through our senses, all five of them and probably even more than that!

    I notice that I'm drawn to colors that correspond to different phases of growth. I believe this is because my body, mind, and soul crave the energy that's bouncing off a particular color or color combination.

    I have a tendency to believe that the colors I'm working with at the moment correspond to chakra colors, and the issues and organs associated with the chakras. I see most if not all of my energy art as being chakra oriented based on the dominant color.

    If someone says to me, "I really like the images with red and fuchsias", I'll believe that there's something that needs to be addressed in the first chakra. The energy I channel into the image through reiki, light, colors, and patterns, might be just the thing to trigger an insight, or unclear a blockage. Any little bit helps!

    One thing that seems to be consistent with me is that my favorite color has always been purple! I don't claim to know why this is, I just know that purple makes me go "wheee"! and that's good enough for me!! Others might feel that way about yellow or whatever. I say anything that gives you a lift is a keeper!

    I've always wanted to explore color therapy by using one of those goggles that have lights that flash with different settings for the colors and speed. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if a certain color frequency flashing or steady at a certain speed could cure migraines, pain, or whatever. It might even work as a way to reverse or neutralize the negative effects of the magnetic storms that having been hitting earth because of the solar flares. Oh, the possibilities.. I might have to find me a pair of those goggles!