Thursday, November 3, 2011

Abstract Art and Finding Balance

For the last month, I've been struggling with being productive with my artwork and I was just wondering why.  Don't get me wrong, creating art is super fun, but the marketing and the writing of the descriptions and the BS (Blatant Self-promotion)  involved in selling art is a real drag.  It hangs me up and I get to thinking that I HAVE to do this or that before I create anything, then I just head towards the nearest fantasy book and a spot in the sun.

 I need to find the right balance, which is why I created this energy art print "Balance".  I'm thinking of having this one printed on a large canvas, like say a 16" x 20" and if nobody buys it, that's ok because it'll look awesome on my wall!  Maybe I'll change up the colors and make it more purple-ey.

Maybe I've been approaching selling art online with too much emphasis on the HAVE TO's.... I have to make money has been a big motivator, but apparently it's not enough because I'm eyeballing that book on my coffee table and that spot out in the sun.

Money sucks because I HAVE to have it, and I  rebel against the Have To's.  Or maybe I just need to work on my underlying "money sucks" attitude.   How about this......I LOVE money, I want to roll around in it nekkid and smell it and throw it in the air and spend it on unnecessary things...wheeeeeee moneeeeeeeyyy (maniacal laughter)!!!!  Well maybe that's  not exactly right either...  (One extreme to the other... yay for whoremoans)

My intention with making  art is to tap into its healing and energetic qualities while still keeping it visual and fun eye create  something  that makes people say ooooooooh, or ahhhhhhhh, or  lifts the mood, or  makes them feel  happy, or triggers an insight, or gives them goosebumps or elevates the vibe and well being. (That's a lot of "or's".....)

So maybe I need to approach all the  marketing tasks with the attitude that this is an opportunity to possibly help someone or make them feel a little bit better in some small way.  It's a way to spread some light into the world,  an opportunity, not a job.  Hey now that sounds awesome in words, quotable even,  I wonder how it'll translate in real life....

(The next day)

Oh noooooooo!!!!   I just bought two big bags FULL of tempting books at the library book sale for  $2! .............I'm doomed!!!  I wonder if I'm sabotaging myself ...or maybe I'm testing my will power and self discipline.  Crap.  I rarely pass  self imposed testing scenarios out of sheer rebellion against myself.  (Do other people rebel against themselves or  is it just me?)      Doomed...haha... I'm Dooooommmed..   Now there's an example of self sabotage if I ever saw one.

It seems like I would have grown out of this rebellious stage by now but instead of rebelling against other people and their rules, I mostly just rebel against myself.  Good Gawd, that's sounds ridiculous when I say it out loud.  lol

Well I have to go do something productive.......after I look through my giant bags of books.   Look at that, I'm doing it again.....Gah!!!

Have an awesome day!


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