Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crown Chakra Angel and Energy Work Insights

This energy art print is all about connecting with the Source and our Higher Selves and finding our true path, our spiritual purpose.   It's crown chakra oriented, with whites and violets.  The angel has on a crown, and the energy is swirling and moving and sparkling.  She's riding the waves towards enlightenment with grace and ease.

So I can't believe it's October 20......What the....?!!!!!!  How did that happen?  I feel like I've just awakened from some kind of daze and a whole month has passed by.  Have I done anything productive in that month?  Well let's see here......there's got to be something.......several unfinished projects, that doesn't count......I've done several new energy art prints so that's something at least.  Other than that I think I've been lost in a whole slew of fantasy books about other worlds and alternate realities.  

I just finished reading Stephen King's "Insomnia".  The main characters develop insomnia and start to see auras around everyone and everything.  Eventually they discover that there are many levels to reality that go higher and higher up.   Of course with Stephen King, there's a little gruesomeness thrown in there (hehee).  Still though, I thought it was interesting that I randomly picked up that book and there it is,....auras, energy, and levels of reality that exist just beyond our ability to recognize them. surprise.

Maybe we need a little mental vacation every once in a while, especially if we aren't taking "real" vacations.  Or maybe I'm just using that as an excuse for a terrible bout of procrastination and lack of self discipline.  I'm feeling a little more grounded today, so maybe I just needed a little fantasy vacation.

The other night I had a really bad nightmare.  My boyfriend said I was thrashing around, moaning, and breathing really hard.  Of course being male, he thought  it was a sex dream,  lol. Noooooo, I was being bitten by a snake.....On second thought, maybe that was a .........noooooooo, lol.   Ewwwww!

I was sticking my hand in a hole or someplace I didn't belong, and this big fat two foot long snake unhinged its jaws and latched onto my right hand.  I.....was.....freaking.... OUT!!!!  It happened a second time during that dream, and I think I woke myself up with a scream or a cry.  Jamie said I spoke out loud "Please God, don't let there be any snakes in here". 

My take on this dream is that I've been meddling in places I shouldn't be meddling.  I've been doing several distance reiki sessions lately, and typically we just let the energy flow from the Source, through us, and into the recipient with no tapping into their conditions or emotions.  But I've been picking up on all kinds of things that probably are none of my business.  I feel things in my own body that they feel in theirs.  

For example, this last one I did (the day before the snake nightmare), I felt like I'd been kicked in the stomach by a horse. It was really painful and anxiety producing.  It turns out that the person had a bad asthma attack that day that left her feeling sore and bruised, and she even used the term being kicked by horse when she described it to me afterwards.  Typically I only feel these aches and pains for 15 or 20 minutes, but this time I felt this pain for a couple of hours despite my intention to let it go.  That's probably not a good thing.

I've been depending on that clairsentient ability to show me where to put my hands, but really I should be using the sensitivity in my hands when I do a scan to give me that information.  It's almost like I'm showing off when I use my clairsentient  skills. "Look at me, look at what I can do, isn't that Amazing!!"  Ego has no place in energy work, and I think I've let my ego butt in.

Ah well, lesson learned I guess.  But I have to admit, I feel a little let down that I need to block that ability because it is kind of amazing, but it really doesn't serve much purpose.  I just need to adjust my intentions when I'm doing a distance session.  Refinement, it's all about refinement, not just in energy work but with artwork.  It's all a process, an evolution.

Maybe that's why I get hung up on reproducing something I've already done.  I mean, I can do it, no problem, and it'll get better every time, but I don't feel that same thrill as when I create something entirely new. Then I procrastinate and nothing gets done. Man, I am spoiled rotten!!  And I thought my little dog Bobo was spoiled, geeze.....

Well, I'm going to tie up some loose ends today and finish some things up that I've been putting off for weeks now.

Have an awesome Thursday!  or Friday or whatever it is....




  1. She's beautiful! Love her.

    Wish I lived close to you for a session. I think me and my mother could use a session. I think we'd wear you out though. We've been handling my grandma's house and selling the contents and then "handling" her as well. She's someone who has a lot of emotional issues that were never dealt with and it just makes everything harder.

  2. AAHHH Laurie, that new chakra angel is gorgeous! So graceful and pretty... plus, there's purple. Purple is a definite bonus. :)

    Haha, nothing wrong with spending too much time reading! xD Especially fantasy... I love fantasy. SO much. :)

    Yikes about the nightmare! FREAKY! Reminds me of a dream I had once where I was dancing around with my aunt and she had a gigantic beetle on her hand, and then it crawled onto MY hand and I woke up screaming. Eek! *shivers* Snakes, beetles, creepy crawlies... they can be freaky in nightmares!

    But at least you got something out of your dream... me, I just wake up, think, "Wow, that was weird," and move on with life. ;) Maybe I should start dissecting my dreams...

    That's strange about the reiki stuff, though... kind of cool yet kind of not cool at the same time. Cool that it's possible for you to do that, not cool that you actually do and have to feel someone ELSE'S pain. Even when you don't want to. Yikes!

    Thanks for the interesting post, Laurie! It's good to hear from you on here! <3

  3. Ohmygosh- I looooove the new chakra angel! ♥ The curls and swirls everywhere are awesome :)

    I agree- I can NOT believe that it's nearly November already... it's like- where'd all the, not only month, but, YEAR go!? Lol, I've never had a year fly by quite so fast!!

    OhmyGod- I know you probably didn't think so- but your snake dream just had something hilarious about it xD I'm sorry Laurie! Lol, I’ve been told that I sleep talk all the time… not only on nightmares :P Kinda scary- you never know what might slip out ;)


  4. Charm, life is full of challenges these days, isn't it. I think that going through a lifetime of possessions can be interesting but stressful as you try to figure out what to do with everything. I remember going through my mom's house when she died. It was really hard. It stirs up memories and issues, that's for sure. I can do distance sessions, if you or your mom ever wanted one. I was thinking of starting an online monthly reiki circle, where we all send and receive energy. I don't think it's necessary to have a reiki degree to send healing energy.

    Hi Tay! yeah that dream was intense, I'm still thinking about it after all this time. One of my readers sent me some alternative dream interpretations that could also fit. I wish I could remember my dreams more clearly, but they seem to fade within minutes of me waking up (well, except for the traumatic ones, like snakes...ewwww!) Reiki is pretty interesting stuff, although I don't think it's necessary to have a reiki degree to send energy. I think it's just an energy and ability that everyone has. I just need to set my intentions that I don't take on any symptoms, and step out of the way so the energy can flow more freely without my interference. I think with winter coming on that I'll probably start blogging a little more frequently.

    Hey Jordan, what up?!!!! Haha, I know what you mean about the snake dream being hilarious. I seem to find the humor in even the most inappropriate places.....Nothing like getting a giggling fit when someone walks into a freshly cleaned glass door and bloodying their nose, lol. I'm bad......!

  5. Yeah, I know what you mean about dreams! Mine tend to fade, too. :)

    Dream interpretations can be neat; they can also be funny, sometimes. Like this book my gramma gave Jordan for her birthday. It's called "10,000 Dreams Interpreted: An Illustrated Guide to Unlocking the Secrets of Your Dreamlife" by Gustavus Hindman Miller... and almost every single interpretation is something dark, disturbing, ominous, or weird. Haha, almost every dream we looked up tended to predict terrible futures! Not very cheery. xD For instance, I just flipped it open and saw "Wafer". (Wha...?) The interpretation is: "Wafers, if seen in a dream, purport an encounter with enemies. To eat one, suggests impoverished fortune. For a young woman to bake them, denotes that she will be tormented and distressed by fears of remaining in the unmarried state."

    It's rather interesting to look up your dreams and see what horrific future lies ahead of you! xD On Jordan's birthday, we sat around with our friends looking up random dream elements. ;)

    Yeah, reiki is pretty neat... it's cool that you can send energy to other people around the world. :)

    I hope to see you around this winter, then! No pressure, of course. :)