Sunday, September 25, 2011

An Overview of Energy Medicine

"Through The Veil" by Primal Painter

"Through the Veil" is one my latest energy art prints.  Wow, it's dark....the dark side....the light is there through the veil but being guarded jealously by a little gremlin warrior dude brandishing a spear.  What the....?!   This is a far cry from my usual angels of light and love.  Wow. Does anyone else see this little gremlin dude, complete with tail and horns?  Geeze, I must have a blockage ( I wonder what it could be? Surely not....the computer?!!!)

I think once again, I've gotten all sucked down into the dark world of the internet.  You know, editing listings for the dreaded Search Engine Optimazatation, (gotta please the friggin' google gods) and now Etsy has their search based on relevancy, so editing, editing and more editing.    I've reached the point that I'm referring to Etsy as Blehhhhhh-tsy.  That's mean, lol.   I've had the best month for sales ever, so it's starting to pay off financially.   I'm grateful,  I'm just being a brat.  Anyway,  time to take a break and make sumthin' purty!

Maybe I need to do some energy work on myself, something new.  I have a guest poster for today, and she's written a great overview of some different forms of energy work.    The following was written by Melanie Bowen.   She  has a blog but is in the process of re-working it, so I'll include a link  at a later date. 

Energy Medicine Promotes Better Mind for Healing

With the endorsement of a growing number of medical professionals and a plethora of books on the subject, energy medicine is becoming better known to mainstream medical communities. Although there are many techniques, the goal is basically the same in each modality: restoring the body’s natural flow of energy.

While some forms of holistic treatments, such as yoga and qigong, are ancient, almost all of them have undergone transformations in recent years. Modalities like EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Healing Touch are relatively new developments designed to use old concepts to meet contemporary needs. Each method has its own lingo and style, and understanding them can be confusing. A brief description of some of the most popular might make it easier to distinguish between the many modes of healing.

12 Popular Kinds of Energy Healing
• Reiki is a form of Japanese hands-on healing and relaxation. Reiki energy is transmitted through attunements from a Reiki Master to a student.
• Healing Touch is highly regulated and was developed by medical nurses in the 1980s.
• Quantum Touch practitioners focus on breathing in order to circulate healing energy.
• Acupuncture is the use of needles applied along the meridians by trained practitioners to restore the flow of vital life energy.
• Emotional Freedom Techniques is a trademarked name for tapping done along the meridians. It is sometimes described as acupuncture without needles.
• Energetic Bodywork, such as massage, craniosacral therapy, or shiatsu, affects the body’s energy system through manipulations by a therapist.
• Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice that uses slow, deliberate movements to circulate qi, or energy, through the body.
• Yoga is centuries-old spiritual practice that has eight different limbs, or steps. The most well-known are meditation, poses, and controlled breathing.
• Meditation is a broad term that describes the process of focusing the mind in order to increase awareness and experience divine oneness.
• Shamanic Healing originated from the Native American culture’s invocation of help from the spiritual realm.
• Theta Healing is done by a practitioner who enters a theta brain wave state to clear blocked energy from the client.
• Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to enhance physical and emotional well-being.

While none of these techniques promise to heal diseases, all of them have the potential to decrease discomfort and promote good physical, mental, and spiritual health. Cancer centers are now recommending complementary medicine as an aid in coping with the side effects and symptoms of cancers—from rare aggressive diseases like
mesothelioma that is triggered from asbestos exposure to more common types like breast cancer. While they might not change breast cancer or mesothelioma life expectancy, they have the potential to return the body to a state where it has greater capacity to heal itself. 

By Melanie Bowen

This was really well written, and I'm totally looking forward to reading Melanie's blog.  It reminds me that I used to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) quite a lot and with noticeable success.  I'm going to try it again and see if I can shake this funkity funk. Sometimes things need a little shake 'n bake (ok maybe not the bake) to get them moving again.  Tapping on accupuncture points while focusing on the issue at hand sounds like just the ticket.

This video is a real quick overview of the accupressure points used in EFT and the general technique.  There are tons of videos on youtube about it, but if you want to get the official and original version, Gary Craig is the founder.  His website is

I'm going to add a little twist to my technique and look myself in the eye in the mirror while I do it.  Hey now, there's an idea......Manifestation Mirrors!!!! Uh oh, another thing to add to my "to-do" list. (Let's see here, page 12, number 124:  Create a manifestation mirror.)

Thanks for the heads up Melanie!  The right information seems to come along at just the right time, and the timing is right to explore some new things and rediscover some old things.



PS:  I've got a bunch of new poses for chakra girl wall sculptures ready to be manifested into reality, so I may be missing in action for awhile.  They're going to be totally cool!!


  1. Ooh, new chakra girl poses... can't WAIT to see them! :D

    Ugh, I know. SEO is a lot of work... and not always a lot of fun. :/ Good luck getting your shop in order! It's like a never-ending process, isn't it?!

    Nice guest post by Melanie - you both seem to be on the same wavelength. :) My mom is always talking about how things arrive at the right time, so this - "The right information seems to come along at just the right time" - sounds pretty familiar to me, LOL. ;) Sounds like you've got a long to-do list there (LOL) but when you get to the manifestation mirror, I hope it helps! ;)


  2. L-O-V-E 'through the veil'!! After this day - I need some deep energy healing - ugh....what a day... - but thank you so much for sharing your art/visions and thoughts


  3. I know what you mean by all that work. It's amazing we have time to create anything.

    I enjoy hypnosis, massage (not as often as I'd like) and accupunture (really really like).

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