Monday, June 6, 2011

"Forgiveness"- The Heart Chakra

Finally I finished my heart chakra painting entitled "Forgiveness".  I'm no Speedy Gonzales, that's for sure, but I'm glad it's done.  The timing has to be right for clearing and healing, so I just have to be patient and trust the process.  

I had a hard time with the photos because the center is a bright pearl white that dominates the camera exposure. If I expose it so the center is white, the rest of the colors are off.  I may need to work on the editing some more.  I swear, it seems like there are times when I spend as much time on the photography, photo editing, and descriptions as I do on the creation of the piece itself.  I don't enjoy all of that technical crapola, it's too much like work!  I only like doing the fun that wrong? lol

I did a couple of necklaces, too, but I'm starting to think that I don't want to focus much on those anymore, although  I've sold two.  The photography and the editing for those are really time consuming and the final price just doesn't justify the amount of work.  

Pretty, though.. The metallic paper used for the print really catches the light, but again, super hard to photograph!  This one is smaller in diameter than my other pendants, I like it better smaller and the chains are cool but a pain in the ass when I CAN'T SEE!!! Gah!  When will I just get over it and get glasses?  NEVER!!!!!!  (Geeze, who was that yelling in a rebelliously childish way. Was that me? lol)

I'm starting to get back to where I started, but with a twist.....three dimensional wall sculptures but using my energy art prints as the focal point.  I might even use the necklace concept and incorporate those shapes into the wall sculpture rather than using them just as necklaces. 

I love making the energy art prints, though, I mean really LOVE it, so I won't stop doing those.!!!  As with everything else in my world, though, I have to be in the right zone to do them or it becomes frustrating. 

It's actually fairly easy to see when the timing is right for just about any endeavor.  Does it make me go "Wheeeee!" or does it make me go "ugggggghhhhhhh".  Pretty simple really.  The trick is paying enough attention to recognize the energy levels and emotional/physical responses and having the self discipline to stop and do something else.  I'm getting better but I still have a rebellious streak that kicks my ass. I used to get a thrilling buzz when I was rebellious, now about half the time it's more like a jarring, malfunctioning "gonna burst into flames" ooogley kind of feeling. I'm growing up, oh noooooooo!

The heart chakra issues were intense, to say the least.   I did several energy art prints to help me get through it, though.  I believe  working on the prints really made the process easier than the previous chakra paintings where I got blindsided with hardcore issues and didn't utilize any extra tools.  Those prints, I tell ya, there's something in those prints......

Well I'm out to the studio today.  I got poison ivy between my fingers and it's slowly starting to pop up in all kinds of unfortunate places on my body.  I don't even know where in my yard I picked it up, so I could get into it again!  Gah! Nothing's worse than poison ivy between your fingers! (well, maybe there are a couple of other places that are worse, but I won't get into that...)

Have an awesome day!



  1. Wow. That is FABULOUS!! Those colors are so intense, how do you feel when you look at it? I know you worked through tons of stuff, but do you feel lighter, freer, now? It's so vivid, and looks surprisingly clear for such deep issues you've been working on. Excellent work Laurie ~ I love it! :) :)

    And it sounds as though you've been figuring some stuff out, that always feels amazing. I've dumped things from my shop too that I can't justify the time and energy on selling. You can only know once you try though, so I never feel like it's wasted time. Live and learn, this whole online shop thing is a work in progress...

    I've discovered lately that my feelings are the best indication of whether or not I'm headed in the right direction. Do I feel peaceful and happy? Then I'm doing good. If not, time to rethink things. Sounds like much the same is going on with you. Makes life so much simpler, doesn't it? When we listen, I mean. :)

  2. there is something absolutely magical about 'forgiveness'.... the green is so vivid and I couldn't stop staring at it! I'm happy that you finished it, sometimes it just takes time :)

    I often wish that I had an 'assistant' so I could focus on the fun stuff... I hate trying to get the pictures right because I'm just not good at it... and listing and writing descriptions... I just want to paint. lol...

    and poison ivy between your fingers? Ouch!! I can think a few places that would be worse, but between the fingers is definitely in the top 5... I hope it heals soon!

  3. Hey Melinda, thanks! It's funny, when I first started this painting, it was bright and light filled but didn't feel real. Then I went at it again and it turned out horrid, dark, and muddy, so I let it sit while I experienced my angst. I think maybe the posts I wrote awhile back mentioning the rape/murder scenario were done during the time of that dark period. Last week I tackled it again, and it flowed very easily, almost effortlessly into light and bright, but this time it felt right. Progress! There's more to do, though, much more. I think the throat chakra is going to be challenging as well.

    You're so right, listening is imperative. Our emotional state is like the GPS for decision making...Do we want a high vibe or a low vibe? Simple....yet like anything, takes practice! I'm an amateur!

  4. Hi Sara, I'm starting to think that forgiveness might be the key, but true and lasting forgiveness is hard to come by especially when there's trauma or abuse involved. This painting definitely helped in that respect but I'm not done yet!

    Wouldn't it be nice to be so successful that we could afford to hire an assistant! I think I'll make that one of my goals!

  5. Ooh, I love love love the colors of "Forgiveness"! The greens are so gorgeous. :) Great job, Laurie!

    And I feel for you... I've had some REALLY bad experiences with poison ivy in the past, so bad I'm extremely paranoid now and hate to be within five feet of it. Ugh. I can recognize poison ivy in all sorts of places... people get rather annoyed at me constantly saying, "watch out for the poison ivy!" LOL

  6. Up your price so that its worth it, the necklaces are a godsend!

  7. I love the clarity of the green. It feels fresh, makes me think of renewal. The necklaces are lovely. I would up the prices as well. But then sometimes you know when something is complete and it is time to move on. Three dimensional wall hangings using the same concept are a great idea.

  8. The necklace is really pretty. Too bad you don't enjoy that as much :)

  9. I guess the time was right, huh Laurie, to have it flow so easily? I think my throat chakra might give me some challenges too, and that's mostly from the last few years. Before that I let anything fly... stupidly. ;) I seem to have found my balance now, speaking my truth with kindness and compassion. It's been a challenge. I wish you the best on your next painting. :) It'll be just as gorgeous as the rest of them.

  10. Hey Tay, thanks! Yeah, I had some highly allergic reactions to poison ivy when I was a kid. It's not so bad now in comparison,!!!

    Anya, thank you for that! I just need to learn how to photograph small objects and get glasses so I can see what I'm doing! I won't stop doing them because just the right person might find one that's meant just for them! Higher prices might be the way to go. I'll try that...

    Thanks Julie, it makes me think of renewal, too, and that's what seems to have happened during it's creation. I definitely feel better! I'm excited about wall sculptures right now, we'll see how that lasts! I seem to ebb and flow with my interests...Multi tasking doesn't seem to be one of my strong points!

    Sarah, that's an awesome compliment coming from a successful jeweler such as yourself! Thank you. I actually do enjoy making them, I just get frustrated with getting good pics.... You sure take some great pictures of your jewelry!

    Melinda, the timing had to have been right or it would have been hard and frustrating. It sounds like your throat chakra was wild and wooley back then, hard to imagine! Mine is tight and constricted, I might have to do some primal scream therapy. lol

  11. It's just beautiful Laurie... love the green.. it feels so healing and energized..can't stop looking at it... and I love the pendant.. don't stop them.. they are gorgeous... nah it's not wrong to only want to do the fun stuff.. I get lost all the time doing the photos, editing and especially the write ups..ergo.. not much in my shop...hope your poison ivy clears up soon..

  12. Loooove the new painting!! The greens are gorgeous! <3

    And congratulations on selling 2 necklaces!! I haven't had much new things happening in my shop... I really need to spend some more time in it.. lol.
    I love the new necklace- but yeah, my focus changes all the time on new things, too!! :)