Saturday, June 11, 2011

Earth Angels - A Wall Sculpture for the Planet

This is the first in a series of wall sculptures I plan on doing over the next month.  This is  an experiment where I'm incorporating my energy art prints into dimensional art.  I actually had a different one in mind for the first piece, but I've been hearing so much about volcanoes, tornadoes, fires, and crazy wild storms that I decided to do an Earth Angel protection piece.

I'll be going back to my usual "in your face" color schemes next, but this one is about the planet, and the planet makes me think of greens and earthtones.  The energy art print I used in this piece is called "Mother Earth"

(Whoa, do you think I used enough links? lol)

I got a wild hair the other day and decided to google  "Primal Painter".   There were quite a few strange sites where I got mentioned, many seemed like they were overseas.  Did you know that your comments on blogs show up in google searches?  Tweets?  Wow,  I don't know about this internet stuff,  I'm feeling kind of exposed.  

How weird is this?  This website has my words from a listing on Etsy  attached to one of their own images.  They changed a few of the words (which I highlighted) so it wasn't an exact knockoff.   They even put some of my  images (excuse me, effigies)  on this page, too, without any links to me or my shop.   I think they pulled them off my wordpress blog. 

One of those prints hasn't even been listed.  I feel a little violated I have to admit.  I guess I could change my attitude to "Wow, they like me, they really like me!"  I dunno, it's just weird.  I emailed the owner of the website but got no response of course.  Since then, the print of the girl has been taken down and there are three of "The Violet Flame", so I don't know what the heck is going on.   All I know is "Ewwwwwwwwwww"!!

I think maybe I need  to at least protect my images.  I don't know if there's anything that can be done about words, especially when they change a few here and there.  I guess I need to put a watermark on my images so they aren't so easy to steal.  I don't know how to do that, so I guess I'll add that to my overwhelmingly long list of computer related chores.  

Here's the questionable website.  The image my words were attached to were of some statues in Japan.

“Healing Energy” by Primal Painter 
Abstract Healing Energy Art Photography Print
I created this abstract energy art print in March 2011  in response to the disaster in Japan.
This abstract art print is inspired by my wall sculpture entitled “Clearing the Chaos“.    Through a very intuitive procedure that reflects a distinct flow of energy, I created this piece of abstract art.
From beginning to end, I focalized on infusing the effigy with Reiki healing energy  in the form of colors, light and patterns. I believe that anyone could gain from the energy of this print.  Those who are sensible to energy might feel it in the form of vibrations, tingling, or plainly a lift in mood or sentiment of well being.
Dimensions: 8″ x 10″, could be hung vertically or horizontally. The effigy extends all the way to the edges of the paper
Colors: Red Violet, Reds, Pinks, Oranges, Yellows, some Purple, some Blues
Paper: Kodak Professional Endura Metallic Paper
I’ll sign, date, and title it on the back.
The metallic paper it’s printed on is very  glossy, pearlescent, and has a  shimmery glow with deep vibrant colors. I had it printed at a professional photo lab.
I plan on incorporating these new  energy art prints into three dimensional wall sculptures, original paintings and also into pendants, brooches, mini wall hangings and magnets.
To see other modern abstract art, energy art, wall sculptures and pendants, go to my Etsy Shop or my Artfire Studio.

Abstract Art Wall Sculptures By Primalpainter

Add a chic, modernistic look to any room with this striking pair of candle sconces! Matte black finish lends drama to slender curved metal wall plaques; each supporting a clear glass votive cup. Why not add your favored brightly-colored candles for an ultra-artistic display? Iron with glass cups. Candles not included. Each is 2 3/8" x 4 3/4" x 8" high.
Abstract Art Wall Sculptures By Primalpainter
 Wall Sculptures By Primalpainter Picture
Abstract Art Wall Sculptures By Primalpainter
Abstract Art Wall Sculptures By Primalpainter Picture
Abstract Art Wall Sculptures By Primalpainter
Abstract Art Wall Sculptures By Primalpainter Photo
Abstract Art Wall Sculptures By Primalpainter
Abstract Art Wall Sculptures By Primalpainter Image

And how strange that these images are under a description for candle sconces!  If that's not bad enough, underneath my photos were bad reviews.....of candle sconces!!!! Gah!!

I'm going to ignore it all for a while.  Once again, the computer seems, I don't know, Eeevilllll!  The studio is a much nicer place!

Have a super fun weekend!



  1. Cyberspace is definitely an interesting place and unfortunately not everyone here are of the highest vibration or intent! It sounds definitely like you need to put a watermark on your images. That may help a little. Also there are laws about copyright of images and products placed on blogs,etsy and elsewhere so maybe just 'threatening' these copiers with legal action may be sufficient to deter them?

  2. I love Earth Angels Laurie! It's absolutely breathtaking... it's so beautiful! I can't wait to see what you create next!

    There are tons of weirdos on the internet... I don't know a whole lot about copyrights but I use which allows you to choose which license you want (for free) and then post it to your blog. I would definitely do a watermark though, too... just to be safe!

  3. Um... strangeness? If you've got Gimp, you could probably easily add a watermark to your images... I've used two different programs in the past, I just add text to my photos. Hope it helps!

    And "Earth Angels" is lovely! The colors are fantastic. :) Great work!

  4. I'm really trying to reserve judgement, but those creepy penis dudes gave me the willies! Nothing like what I feel when I look at your stuff! After reading this it does NOT encourage me to surf the web hunting out my name... ;) Definitely watermark your photos, I'm sure you'll have no problem figuring it out and maybe it'll protect you from this kind of stealing. :)

    On a different note I cannot tell you how much I love Earth Angels. This really seems to be your kind of thing, you excel at it!! It's so graceful, beautiful, hopeful. I have the distinct feeling that I'm not going to last until your crown chakra is painted... I feel an overwhelming need to own a Laurie original... ;)

  5. The Earth Angels is awesome. Sounds like our mother earth needs it too!

  6. Julie, I'm not that internet savvy, so it's kinda shocking to realize that unscrupulous people abound. There was a thread on Etsy where some shop was stealing several people's photos and descriptions and using them in their own shop. Hard to fathom. I'm going to send this website a harsher email about copyright laws and see what happens.

    Hey Sara, thank you! I looked at creative commons website today, and my eyes kind of blurred over! Some days I have a hard time comprehending technical jargon, but it sounds like a good idea. I'm going to do the watermark thing. That won't stop them, but might slow them down a little.

    Thanks Tay! Lol , duh, of course I could use Gimp. I had googled how to put a watermark on photos and it was long and complicated with layers and blah blah blah. Gimp, ahhhhh, that's a relief! (except for all the images I have to go back in and edit. gah!)

    Melinda, lol, creepy penis dudes is right! I didn't want to say anything and I certainly didn't want to put that picture on my blog, but it's totally creepazoid! nekkid zombie men, ewww. How my words fit with that image is beyond me! The whole thing is just weird. I'm not 100% pro internet, and stuff like this makes me cringe and feel exposed. yuck Earth Angels is pretty, thank you! I have several more pieces in mind, and spent yesterday making patterns for the wood.

    Thanks Charm! I need to stay away from the news, it's totally full of weather craziness, erupting volcanoes, and we even had a few minor earthquakes not far from here.

  7. Wowzie zowie! Your latest wall sculpture is spectacular!!! I love the way you channel your feelings, thoughts and energy into your art. You are so freaking talented! Umm, is it just me or does the close-up of Mother Earth seem very umm, well, err, sexual?

    By the way, have you decided to stop using "Primalpainter"? I ask because it's not in your banner.

    Hmm, perhaps your generous use of links is a subconscious attempt to balance the inexcusable lack of links on the pirate's website?

    "Creepy penis dudes"?!!! The term alone gives me the willies...and that's not a desirable feeling.

    Hey Laurie, don't worry about internet creeps. I'm willing to bet that the ratio of internet creeps to everyday creeps (on the down-low) is pretty much even.


  8. Thanks Sue! I wondered if anyone besides me saw Mother Earth as being, well, motherly, heheh! It wasn't intentional, it just kind of happened like that, but then all of my energy art images are more subconscious than conscious.

    I'm still using Primalpainter, I've just been messing around with banners lately and went for a minimalist, conservative look. Some might look at this banner and say What? This is minimalist and conservative? lol I'm bored with it already, so I'm ready to change it again.

    Did you look at that website link? That photo is totally weird and creepy. I need to protect my images with a watermark, which I don't think would have stopped this person, but it's better than nothing. Thanks for commenting Sue!

  9. Earth Angel is gorgeous Laurie... and yes Mother Earth is very too cool though.. had no idea that things ended up out there like that.. kinda creepy though.. not sure I will go check out my watermark sounds good.. I should probably do that to my photos as well... will have to figure that out.. I had someone tell me that they didn't do the circle thing on Etsy as other peeps were soliciting their customers.. sounds kinda low..I do think there are more nice peeps out there than creeps though... hope I'm

  10. Ohmygosh- your newest paintings/sculptures are AMAZING!! I love, love, love the colors in them!! <3

    I think you did an extraordinary amount of links in that small space ;D

    Uggg.... totally agree- ewwwwwwwwww! That’s really creepy! Don't you wonder what these people are thinking when they do these stuff??? Wouldn't it be weird to just steal peoples stuff and put it up on a website??
    Hmmm... people these days... :P