Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday's Random Ramble

This is a warped out digital abstraction taken from a photo of my orange second chakra painting.   I've decided I like it after a period of Yes? No? Yes? No? Ok ....yes. Sometimes I'll look at something I've created. and I'll like it for a minute, or maybe even for a few hours but then it's like my brain twists around, my eyes flip out and I'll start to hate it.  The creative mind is a strange one.   Below is a slightly different darker version.   I like it too, in some ways, even better than the one above.

What really sucks is when I like something I've made and declared "I'm finished!  Me likey",  then days or even weeks later, I look at it and say "Ewwwwwwww, I...... hate it!!!!!".  This is usually accompanied by my usual eye rolling, groaning, throwing my hands in the air, spinning around with copious amounts of hair tossing and acting generally overly dramatic.

Eventually I'll resign myself to the fact that what's done is done.   From that point on, though, I'll cast the occasional sideways glance at the offending piece (never a full frontal gaze ever again) with a look on my face that probably looked like the face I made yesterday when the bartender accidentally gave me a drink with grapefruit juice in it.  (Eeee-yuck...that's some sour sh#t,  grrr-ossss.).

 I survived my hour at the bar with Andi, by the way.  She ordered for both of us like some kind of pro.....(what the.....?)   It wasn't too horribly painful,  however, one drink and I promptly forgot my coat at the bar and almost forgot my purse at her friend's house.   Me no likey the alkee-hol..... I'm spacey enough as it is.

She was in a hurry to get back to Fayetteville so she could meet her friends for dinner, but I forced her to stay and have some cake.  I could have sworn we had candles but the only one I could find was a #7 candle which I found in the bottomless pit we call the junk drawer. I think it was from when she was 7 year old which would make it...what....14 years old? It looked like maybe a mouse had chewed part of the bottom off of it, but I pretended not to see that.   I brushed it off a little, stuck it in her cake deep enough to hide the chewed off end,  told her to make a wish and blow it out.

I wonder if she wished for a normal mother?  lol

Have a good one!



  1. Mom, I would never wish for any other mother because you are the best mother in the world. I hope you know that.

    And I am not a pro at ordering drinks at a bar.... :)I just work in a

    I like the top picture better because its bright and matches my happy mood I have been in for having such an awesome birthday and a good day today.

    Love you!


  2. Aw, thanks honey. You work in a bar? lol

    Just to clarify, it's actually a restuarant that serves drinks, not a bar that serves food..or did I just make that up?

  3. Its about half and half. They focus on their alchohol sales almost as much as the food sales. Hence why they have 27 beers on tap, which is a little ridiculous.

  4. I like the second one, too. :)

    I hope Andi had a great birthday! And honestly, I probably wouldn't have cared all that much about the mouse nibbles if it had been my candle. I've had worse in my food! Actually, I should probably blog that story... LOL that might get some laughs, or it might get some groans! I don't know... ;)

    Anyway, got a little off track... where was I? Oh, yeah. Happy birthday Andi, and again, gross about the drink! :P

  5. What you are writing is interesting! When you're like your Art, it's your soul and your heart that talks to you; When you don't like it, it's your ego!! Push it away and focus yourself in your heart, you will get the right answer about your creation!... Sincerely...

  6. That's a really great insight Sybillinart. I'm ready to start on my next chakra painting, the heart chakra, and maybe then I'll be able to focus in my heart easier.

    ForestFaery, lol, you're such a cutie!

  7. Just happened to see a piece you did on Sibyllin's blog. It's stunning!

  8. Thanks RJ! I'm going to do a blog post about Sybillin' Art tomorrow and include a link to the post that describes the process that went into its creation.

  9. Glad you survived the bar. ;) I can't wait too see your next chakra painting, it's sure to be a beauty!

    By the way, I haven't read through my blogs in almost a week, sorry for all the consecutive comments... had to read what you've been up to! And no, I'm not a stalker! ;)